A UE4 Productivity Plugin,
for Windows, Mac & Linux




ODIN Tracker is a UE4 Plugin that greatly increases workflow efficiency in-editor when it comes to using both Source Control and Project Management Software/Services i.e. a tool that does the job quickly and hopefully annoyance-free as to allow an artist, designer or other to get back to what he/she does best, which is to create magic

After all,
Both you and they don’t really want to be paid to fiddle around with Source Control and Project Management Software/Services any longer than is absolutely necessary…

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ODIN Tracker has the following sub-modules:



Capture Tool (Image/GIF/Video + entire Blueprint capture and post-capture editing tools).


Task Tracker (JIRA, GitHub, Trello, etc.)

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ODIN Time (Vert).png



Time Tracker (Tracker/Logger + Timesheets with upload to JIRA/Other).


Back-end (editor) and front-end (runtime) quality assurance tools.

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